Dodos Forsaken Maelstrom

  — The Poor Stupid Dodo


The Dodo did not intend to slip into the swirling vortex created by DJ’s sad songs.  But, that’s what happened.  Through some strange fusion of DJ’s painful fluid musical stories of being forsaken combined with the hot, angry winds—a terrible maelstrom grew, and rather rapidly sucked Dodo tumultuously towards its dark center!  Where it will go… the Dodo does not particularly care to find out!  It’s all a dirty trick.  As far as the Dodo is concerned, one moment he believed himself to be saved relaxing to DJ’s music; the next, he’s being sucked into the center of a powerful vortexIMG_0068. He flaps his wings madly, but they are just too weak to resist the intense gravity of his situation.

No doubt about it, he’s going down, and it’s too late to escape!

As the Dodo falls pell mell into the center of the swirling whirlpool, tremendous forces push and pull himfrom every direction.

Already weakened from the hot, angry winds that blew relentlessly on him where he was left alone to die… forsaken just as DJ told him… Dodo feels himself cracking and breaking into smaller and smaller pieces.  IMG_0069

Dodo knows he’s in a terrible predicament with only one outcome… his complete and utter destruction.  But, why has this happened?  Who has allowed this to be so for someone has surely forsaken him? He knows without a doubt DJ is right, and he knows that another sentient being is responsible for this because all people who have been forsaken have been forsaken by someone who has power over them.  This is what makes the forsaken state so tragic—the betrayal, the abandonment, and endless wandering at the hands of another who has power to end another one’s suffering, but then does nothing to help end their suffering.  So, who has condemned him…  this poor, simple Dodo?

He doesn’t have long to figure it out because his dry and brittle body cracks more and begins to pull apart.  Just then, a fierce and terrible voice, sounding both male and female, fills the vacuous void saying:

“Die you miserable bird! You scratch about like a chicken who’s forgotten how to fly. It’s your fault you’re in this mess! You and only you made all the choices that put you in this fine mess that you’re in! Your a victim of your own victim thinking! You’re a mess! Your life is meaningless! Your existence is pointless! Why do you persist? Fall into the void Dodo and be glad that your pathetic life is going to be removed from the library and recycled! You belong in the waste bin of the universe… oh, wait you already there! Ha, ha, ha…”

The dry, cackling laughs booms in his ears—shaking his entire body and hastening the appearance of more cracks all over his pointless and pathetic body.  The terrible laugh begins to fade like cackling crows, and as it does, it pulls the pieces of his body into the silence with it. IMG_0069Fear and anguish grip him for the terrible voice has confirmed his worst fear: He is nothing… he is useless… his life is meaningless… and he deserves to die!  Now, he just wants everything to be over… and for it all to be over fast!  He squeezes his eyes shut as he feels more of his body breaking into pieces and heading to its inevitable end.  But, instead a strange, lonely sound emerges from the void.  Just one voice at first, but then others rise and swirl around him in the nothingness, before disappearing again back into the silence.  But, they come back like a frighten kitten seeking shelter.  In the cacophony he hears the sounds of women wailing… and dogs howling.  He hears a little girl singing just before she is murdered.  He hears a solider cry out in anguish and despair just before he pulls the trigger taking his own life after coming home to find his sweetheart took another lover while he fought in a war and watched his brothers die. He hears the lost and lonely footsteps of a boy, now a man, wandering endlessly through his life with out the nurturing guiding rudder of a mother’s love—a motherless child. He hears the cries of a young slave woman being sold at auction; her nine month child is to be purchased at the buyer’s option… a child bride… an entire village of people being sold into slavery to the Romans… the cries of pain and suffering from millions and millions of other sentient beings all told through the stories DJ plays for him on his Forsaken Playlist.

Back to Light

Drummers beat the rhythms.  They are ancient rhythms that were well known by our ancestors, but have been forgotten now. The drummers have seen these stories of forsakeness many, many times… in many places.  But, all they can do is beat out the rhythm until the very end of a sentient’s life. Sometimes the beat is a good, and the story ends well—the people are saved; other times it’s a terrible beat, and the story ends badly—the people are forsaken.  All living beings follow a timeline that has a beginning, middle, and an end… for all sentient beings are stories unfolding through time in space.  The drummers know this and that is why they keep the beat.  And, they know only some stories are truly golden with beautiful, happy endings… others are terrible stories full of sorrow with awful endings. Most are in-between these eternal pillars for all stories exist in the crack between happy and tragic, good and bad, hero and villain, birth and death… for these are the eternal truths, and there are a million, zillion ways to tell the stories that emerge between them.

Dodo’s heart is heavy with this knowledge.  But, he realizes he’s not alone in his fear, abandonment, and pain.  There are many, many others who are caught in the same story of suffering—just like he is.  Instead of destroying him, this knowledgeimg_0070.jpg opens his heart wider, unleashing more tears, which had been blown dry by the hot, angry winds of fate.  The tears flow into the swirling vortex, flowing between his fractured pieces.  This gives him a fluid nature and ability to bend… just enough to survive the journey down!

He realizes all stories are endless; they just seem to end, or at least the Dodo hopes this might be so!

Nevertheless… down he goes!





4 thoughts on “The Divine Dodo — Vortex

    1. Thank you so much! This drama of the poor, little Dodo absolutely closely approximates real life drama… like a life raft in an odd way… perhaps that is what art and writing really help us all do is stay afloat despite it all… with gratitude for you feedback…

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