Dodo hangs in the silence of the black void… stunned.

The divine mother and child linger in a shattered wholeness, but Dodo knows they are about to fly apart.

He wants to protect them… to find some way to keep them together for he knows even in their shattered state, they are holy. 

The Divine Dodo and Shattered Divinity — Art by Bébé

But he is helpless, and this makes his heart feel as shattered as the divine mother and child. Now, they are just food for the hideous, odious, ravenous beast they are falling towards.

Dodo watches helplessly as two pieces begin to slip away.

Shattered Divinity — Art by Bébé

Then, more fragments begin to fly away.

Shattered Divinity — Art by Bébé
Drummers and the Resilience Net — Art by Bébé

“Why aren’t the drummers drumming?” Dodo wonders. “Surely they can save the mother and child.”

But, Dodo remembers the mother came from underneath the net. She past right through it. Maybe the net cannot hold her or the child. Or maybe the fragments are too simply too small.

Dodo hears something soft and subtle like water running.

“Yes, it is water flowing!” Dodo shouts with glee.

“Or wait…,” He pauses and listens more intently. “No, it’s the drummers beating a low but steady beat like they are talking to each other.”

The Rune Master breaks the silence. Dodo recognizes his voice. He says:


Geri Freki

Men howl in the darkness like wolves. The Rune Master then says:


The men howl some more and growl. The Rune Master says:


The drummers’ beat grows stronger as the Rune Master and warriors enter into a chant, howling and growling all the while:

Rune Master: Haegolae Haegolae Haegolae Wiju Bi Gojze

Warriors: Gaegogae Gaegogae Gaegogae Ginu Gahelija 

As they do, the edges of the net lift up, letting light escape from underneath.

Escaping Light — Art by Bébé

The Rune Master yells and the warriors howl.

Rune Master: Haugen Maunen 

Crows caw.

Rune Master: Ok Alfadhir heitir 

Spinning Light — Art by Bébé

More crows caw.

Drummers, Rune Master, and warriors slip into a hypnotic beat and chant. Dodo watches mesmerized as more light escapes from under the net and begins to spin.

Spinning Light — Art by Bébé

Suddenly, a black crow appears underneath him. It flies towards some of the falling fragments and gobbles them up. Then, it disappears.

A white crow appears on the other side of the falling pieces of mother and child. It gathers fragments in its beak and disappears too.

Dodo doesn’t know what is happening when a white wolf appears underneath him devouring more falling fragments as it runs. It too disappears. The white wolf is followed by a black wolf who appears near the net and the drummers. It runs up the line of falling pieces towards Dodo eating every single fragment except for the piece containing the mother’s head, torso, and the baby.

Ravens and Wolves — Art by Bébé

Now it is just Dodo and this single fragment descending through the void to the beast.

Art by Bébé

Drummers, warriors, and Rune Master chant, releasing more light that spins faster and faster until the whole thing look like a little galaxy.

The Rune Master and warriors switch their chant to:

Fimbulthulur Fjoelnir

Udhur Ulfroegni

Thekkur Thudur

Onski Ofnir

Rognir Raudhir

Grimnir Goendlir

Hlefreyr Hangatyr

Njolstapi Naudhvindir

Jolfudhr Jafnhaur

Atridhir Alfadhir

Sidgrani Sigfadhir

Dughirgjafi Dresvarpir

Bileygur Biflidhi

Margvisir Midhvitnis

Londungr Launhirdir

Yggr ok Yungir

This seems to accelerate the descent of the final fragment. Dodo can’t breath, nor he can look away as the fragment falls faster and faster until it comes to a stop just above the net. It hoovers here for a moment, then it splits into four parts and falls like water forming a circle above the glowing purple body of the beast beneath. Then, the final four fragments transform into beings–three women and a man–who stand in a sacred circle above the beast.

The Final Descent — Art by Bébé

Dodo doesn’t know if he should to be excited or terrified for the whole thing looks dreadfully like a blood ceremony that he saw in a picture book long ago.

“Oh — this terrible, really terrible,” Dodo moans. “They are going to sacrifice me in a ritual to appease this greedy purple God-Beast. This must be hell!”

Special Note:

The Divine Dodo is moving to Sapience2112 to accommodate future interactive animations. Please visit here to follow:


Special Thanks to Heilung for their amazing music: Alfadhrhaiti and to the translators.


Names of the Allfather

Dripper, Greedy, Ravenous, Slippy, Swaying one Hail, Hail, Hail I dedicate to the spear, Gagaga, Gagaga, Gagaga I yell resoundingly Thought, Memory, And he’s called Allfather Mighty Thuler, Wise one, Striver, Wolfspeaker, Welcomed one, Pale one, God of witches, Inciter, Cheiftain, Readhead, Hooded one, Wandwielder, Famous lord, God of the hanged, Nebulizer, Needed one, Yulefather, Evenhigh, Attacking rider, Allfather, Victory tree, Father of victory,One with a missing eye, God with painted shield,Flashing eye, Shieldshaker, Leader of the crowd, One with knowledge, Shaggy-cloack wielder, Guardian of secrecy, Terible one and Stormy one. 

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