As Dodo falls back towards the beast, he hears birds chirping, water running, and wind blowing through trees—such sweet, nourishing sounds that remind him of Earth—his lost paradise, which makes Dodo sad for he remains stuck in the endless vacuous void—Hell! The bounce DJ and the drummers gave him was not strong enough to help him escape the gravity of the beast. And so, the only thing he can do is spiral down again towards the beast comforted only by his sadness.

Back into the Void — Illustrated by Bébé
Concha — — Illustrated by Bébé

Just then, a singular sound pierces the void, rising from the deep—perhaps the beast. It is an ancient, primeval sound, clearly musical in design and meant for song. “Maybe,” Dodo thinks reveling in the rich resonance spiraling up, reverberating, and rippling through the void, “This is a sound meant to banish evil spirits for clearly it is powerful enough to escape the gravity of the beast!”

Emergence — Illustrated by Bébé

However, this revelation does little good for Dodo falls ever faster. Yet, at the same time, he sees something emerging from the beast or from underneath it, rising towards him and passing right through the rainbow net as if it were not there. Dodo squints to see it more clearly, and finally sees it is a shell… a beloved conch shell from Earth rising towards him! It is an ancient creature that evolved on Earth and survived countless millennia longer than his own fated species despite being plucked from great depths and eaten by man for centuries. Perhaps recognizing its deep magic, man turned its emptied shell into a trumpet that was blown by heroes, priests, and warriors to proclaim triumph or to instill terror. Ancient Indian Mahābhārata warriors blew conches to announce the beginning of battle during the epic Kurukṣetra War. Conches also proclaimed the dharma far and wide (a belief about the nature of reality as taught by the Buddha), and conches were used to call Tibetan monks and devotees to prayer. Its deep guttural primeval sound is only possible if the blower brings air up from his bowels and blows as hard as he can as if fetching what is inside and blowing it out, and then taking what is outside and bringing it in—a torus to be sure!

Then, a terrifying thought crashes into Dodo’s brain: “This was the last sound a victim of human sacrifice heard before a priest or executioner delivered the death blow!”

Dodo’s heart races, and his thoughts are a jumble as he wonders if the beast is toying with him like a cat plays with a mouse before the kill. He feels a great weight pressing on him—maybe the reverberating sound.

He fixes his eyes on the glistening smooth curving part of the concha shell—the part where the pink and purple disappear into the dark interior and moans: “If only I could disappear into that dark space like the snail.”

Believing it only to be an empty shell, Dodo is shocked to see something emerging from the dark slit. At first, he thinks it’s the escargot living inside, but it is so much more! It is a woman with golden, brown, black, and red hair so long it flows like water. She stands upon another shell and is surrounded by celestial beings who are beholding and clothing her as she stands naked in her magnificent glory covered only by her long hair and a concha shell she holds before her.

Birth of Venus — Illustrated by Bébé

Dodo wonders if he has died and gone to heaven, reveling in the faint pink light gathering about her feet and blue about her head. The paleness of the light grows stronger with the blue becoming bluer and pink becoming pinker until a magnificent taijitu forms about the goddess and her entourage. Shortly after this, the concha softens and morphs turning from something hard into something soft… perhaps the mollusk, but no… it’s not that at all… it is a fetus rapidly transforming through developmental stages until becoming a beautiful human baby suspended in the woman’s womb.

Spirit Child — Illustrated by Bébé

Together mother, child, and their heavenly attendants shine in a deepening brilliance that almost blinds Dodo. But he can’t tear his eyes away from them for two strands of light are leaving the taijitu—one pink, one blue. They spiral towards him like umbilical cords. Upon reaching him, they connect to his ears allowing him to hear the music that has continued as heralded by the conch. DJ and the drummers are down there somewhere still working for him, eclipsed by the moon of the rising Venus and child. Now, Dodo can just barely make out the edges of the resilience net they made to bounce him, but it is still there shimmering in dynamic colors like the rippling edges of a rainbow sun.

A voice shatters Dodo’s reverie. It is gruff and male and yells: “Harigasti Teiwa!

Dodo understands this to mean: “Come, guest Tyr!” And, he knows Tyr to be the God of Honor and Law and of War—patron of the Althing—who is the deity of heroic glory from ancient Norse myths.

The drummers bang a steady beat as men yell in indistinguishable shouts, groans, even growls. Then, they begin to repeat in a snarl: “Tawol Athodu Ek Erilaz Owlthuthewaz Niwaremariz Saawilagar Hateka Harja …,” which means: For this invocation I, the Rune Master, servant of Odin, call upon the one of the Sun to aid our army

A woman screams. She is a priestess. It is a primal scream accompanied by wind, which is followed by men bawling as if in pitched and dreadful battle, but far away. All the while, the drums beat on, punctuated by closer groans and guttural growls of other men.

Then, like ice melting, the chant shifts in tone and timbre, releasing its stored energy, allowing it to flow into a new refrain… a bigger stream that goes:

Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz Raidho Kenaz

Gebo Wunjo Hagal Naudhiz Isa Jera

Eihwaz Perthro Algiz Sowelu Tiwaz Berkano

Ehwaz Mannaz Laguz Ingwaz Dagaz Othala

This group includes women who elevate the sound terrain creating a much more complex tone and harmony through the co-mingled voices of men and women. Together, they repeat this random cluster of words, but differently each time like a cascading waterfall of tempo, tone, and timbre balanced by the drummers. They sing it low, then high, alternating like waves on a sea. Several times the Rune Master laughs… all while the drummers beat a steady, mesmerizing beat.

Thanks again to DJ, Dodo understands the words to mean:

Wealth, Aurochs, Thorn, Divine Breath, Travel, Torch,

Gift, Joy, Hail, Need, Ice, Harvest,

Tree, Luck, Elk, Sun, Creator, Birch tree

Horse, Man, Water, Fertility, Day, Home

They are almost meaningless—these words—but it is how they are sung that creates the magic as if pulling these things from the invisible and making them visible through a rolling landscape of voice and sound. In that moment, Dodo understands they are not random words at all but describe the things creating a shared reality. Things made stronger over time through struggle—hail, need, ice, thorn—eased by blessings—wealth, gift, luck, aurochs, harvest, elk, horse, tree, water, Birch tree—made real every day through embodiment as a man (or woman) who is capable of experience and evolving something new—travel, joy, fertility, home—as guided by the divine—torch, sun, divine breath, creator.

Dodo understands these are the things encountered by beings of light powered by spirit journeying through time as measured daily through complex, rich experiences that are meant to behold and to evolve love. Simply by being a man (or a woman) the invisible is made visible—thereby allowing the sublime to slip through into the world in forms of knowledge, understanding, even wisdom. Most ethereal of all, Dodo knows man is a myth maker, a builder of a new world still being born. As a magi, he adds new ingredients to the swirling cauldron of time through the stories and symbols created on his journey. And, this is incredible for these fragile things—story and symbols—are capable of capturing a little bit of the superabundant energy springing forth eternally from the one being who birthed everything, and from whom all beings and things are descended. And, it is these fragile things that are building… no birthing… a new world.

“Oh this,” Dodo thinks, “Must be why we exists… to enrich, exalt, and transcend the darkness from where we were born in order to elevate it back to the divine. Why else are alive?”

But the divine can be divinely evil as well as good, and over time, something terrible was born into the world when one man (or one woman) figured out to how change their luck by diverting the blessings of others onto themselves. It was so easy, this deceit, and soon more men (and more women) began diverting the blessings meant to be distributed among all living beings, not diverted to a few, and then gorging on them. These men (and women) grew intoxicated in their indulgence where they wallowed in the light of their personal glory, never considering how they disrupted or displaced the natural flow of blessings meant for all living beings… most tragically, they forgot they are beings of light here to help birth a new reality. And, this is how the corruption slipped into the world. A most dangerous thing to be sure for man had begun to transcend when the corruption entered, and so his descent sent him crashing through all safety rails meant to protect life, plunging him down to the lowest levels of embodied being where depravity and perversion rule.

“Is this where I am going?” Dodo wonders in horror. “Down into this hole the corruption carved out, creating an endless void inside the sacred belly of the divine one who birthed and loved us all and from where nothing can return to the light?”

Rune Master — Illustrated by Bébé

The Rune Master screams twice: Wuotani Ruoperath, which Dodo knows to mean Prepare for Battle! Which makes him wonder where the warriors are for everything below remains blocked by Venus and her child.

This is followed by the most beautiful female voice Dodo has ever heard—the priestess. She doesn’t say anything, but simply uses her voice as a force to transmit emotion, feeling, and unformed thought that take the listener through ancient spirals simply by singing Ha Hu Hi He Ho He Hi Ha Hu. She flies high, then dives low, with the drummers following her, lifting her even higher.

The Priestess — Illustrated by Bébé

Suddenly her voice plunges to dark chthonic depths ruled by underworld witches, night demons, and numinous sirens, Melusinas, lamias, and succubus who infatuate young men and then suck the life out of them. At one point, she laughs like Lilith—Adam’s first wife. Then effortlessly, she swoops back up to the glorious heights of virgin, mother, and healer. She owns this space, this time, soaring like an ancient angel. She is the wings of the drummers and warriors—able to elevate their collective consciousness, so they might escape their fate.

Something draws Dodo’s attention back to the child who has begun to glow. To his amazement, glowing golden-white tendrils emerge from the baby, reaching out in every direction and passing through the womb. When they reach the edges of the pink and blue taijitu, he hears the heartbeat of the child and knows this is the spirit child of the universe; the essence of all life and all embodied possibility. This child is the alpha—the beginning, all things dark, all things feminine—and the omega—the end, the light, all things male… as protected by the holy mother and her divine entourage.

Then, a terrible thing happens—dark, pink cracks split the blue and are quickly followed by angry blue cracks shattering the pink, which Dodo notices is no longer pink. Soon the entire sphere is streaked with hot, angry pink and blue steaks that obscure mother and child. But that’s not all—a horrible black, prickly vine entombs them all.

Dodo knows it is the corruption.

He knows it will crush and obliterate everything good inside. But just before all is lost, dull blobs of blue, grey, purple, tan, and opaque white appear all over the sphere. Someone or something is repairing it, blotting out the angry pink-blue cracks, but also obscuring the fragile features of the beloved ones inside. Dark lines follow along the blobs reinforcing these repairs, but further obscuring the blessed beings inside. What is left is a less colorful, translucent shell… like a stained-glass window that lets in some of the divine light, but not enough to see or remember what is really on the other side… what is really at stake.

Exhausted, the Rune Master exhales: “Gleiaugiz Eiurzi… Au Is Urki… Uiniz Ik.”

With those words, the sphere shatters. The ancient glass just too fragile, too old, too weak to hold the divinity inside any longer. Dodo watches in horror as the fragments fall back towards the beast. There is no sound. There is only silence in the nothingness of the void.

The Corruption — Illustrated by Bébé

Special Thanks:

Thank you to Gilya Toueg Zelinger for helping me see deeper by posting the video below about the Concha in a group we both belong. This made me consider the mysteries of the Concha and to go further than I thought was possible. Had you not posted this video, and I not seen it, Venus and child would not have been born, and the story of the Dodo would not have taken this turn.

‘Viva La Vulva’ directed by Kim Gehrig for Libresse is her — Somesuch

And, deep gratitude to Heilung who is breathing life back into these ancient chants, re-inspiring modern humans to explore the depths and meaning these songs and chants surely embodied for our European ancestors.

In Maidjan

Harigasti Teiwa
Tawol Athodu
Ek Erilaz Owlthuthewaz Niwaremariz Saawilagar Hateka Harja
Ha Hu Hi He Ho He Hi Ha Hu
Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz Raidho Kenaz
Gebo Wunjo Hagal Naudhiz Isa Jera
Eihwaz Perthro Algiz Sowelu Tiwaz Berkano
Ehwaz Mannaz Laguz Ingwaz Dagaz Othala
Wuotani Ruoperath

Gleiaugiz Eiurzi

Au Is Urki

Uiniz Ik

Translation was made by ichorandpride on Tue, 16/10/2018

To Corrupt

Come, guest Tyr
For this invocation
I, the Rune Master, servant of Odin, call upon the one of the Sun to aid our army
Ha Hu Hi He Ho He Hi Ha Hu
Wealth, Aurochs, Thorn, Divine Breath, Travel, Torch,
Gift, Joy, Hail, Need, Ice, Harvest,
Tree, Luck, Elk, Sun, Creator, Birch tree
Horse, Man, Water, Fertility, Day, Home
Odin, prepare for battle!
Maria sings here again: Ha Hu Hi He Ho He Hi Ha Hu
{Gleiaugiz Eiurzi
[May it be of help]
Uiniz Ik}

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