The Dodo Wants to Fly


Dazed and confused, the Dodo looks around seeking someone, anyone, to ask just one of a million questions swirling around inside his head:

How did I get here?

Where is here?

Who else is here?

What now?

But, as far as he can see in front of him, there is no one. The land is flat and bare… seemingly devoid of life. He looks to his right but sees the same flat white ground and blue-black sky lacking any sort of light or stars to break its dullness. There is only the rainbow sun in front of him, which is very high in the sky, and he would need to fly to reach it. But, going there is impossible for it is clear from his oversized feet and body, which are matched to wings too small and weak to lift him from the ground, he will not fly anytime soon. So, he looks to the left and sees the same nothing. And, he looks behind him, but there is nothing as far as he can see… not even a bump on the horizon where he might walk to on his oversized feet… only an endless expanse of bare, white ground and black sky illuminated solely by the rainbow sun.

Lost in time and space, the Dodo feels as if his world has been flipped upside-down. Nothing makes sense or has meaning, including his own existence.img_00491-e1539178658695.jpg

A tremendous loneliness seizes him… like an unquenchable thirst threatening to shatter him unless he finds someone to talk to. He longs to hear just one voice… someone with whom he can share his story about his strange journey and current predicament.  Perhaps this other being could help him understand what has happened to him and what to do next. But there is no one… there is nothing… there are no points of reference, except the spectacular rainbow sun.

The Dodo stares at the distant rainbow sun intently, studying it as if it has some clue to his distress. He is certain something is moving inside of it! Then, he knows what he must do. He must get there! It is his only hope…it is the only possible way to gain meaning to his existence and perhaps find a little comfort.


Except for one small detail, the Dodo cannot fly.




The Dodo considers this problem for a long time. “Why,” he ponders, “Has he been put in this strange place all alone and given such tiny, little wings that will not carry his oversized body to the only possible place where he might find another being who might be able to help him change his circumstance and alter his fate.”


No answers come for there is nothing surrounding him and there is no one to help him gain insights. There is only silence. So, the Dodo decides that there is only one thing left to do. He must learn how to fly! It is a dream he has little chance of achieving given his weak floppy wings and oversized feet and body. He can feel the winds of fate blowing strongly in his face–winds of failure, winds of defeat. But, instead of letting these winds utterly destroy him, he uses them as resistance to push back against and help him fly for flying is the only possible way to quench his extreme thirst of loneliness and lostness afflicting him in this peculiar place devoid of friend or foe.

The poet Hilaire Belloc included the following poem about the dodo in his Bad Child’s Book of Beasts from 1896:

The Dodo used to walk around,
And take the sun and air.
The sun yet warms his native ground –
The Dodo is not there!

The voice which used to squawk and squeak
Is now for ever dumb –
Yet may you see his bones and beak
All in the Mu-se-um.

— From Wikipedia on the Dodo, the free encyclopedia





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